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The simple answer to that is NO! 

Recently Ofcom have stepped up their activity with companies who have installed illegal repeaters in their buildings and with the threat of a £5,000 fine and a prison sentence, this is more than enough to make anyone think twice about installing this equipment.

So what can companies do to increase their mobile signals?

The first thing to do is to try to understand the extent of the problem and a good way to do this is to get an independent mobile coverage survey done by an expert.  A mobile survey will tell you how strong the mobile signals are from all the major mobile phone network operators both outside and inside your premises.

Armed with the information from the survey you will then be able to present a case to your existing network operator who may then release you early from your contract. The survey may be able to determine what networks within the area would provide the best signal and you could then simply change providers.

If in the case its a hospital or public building where the building materials have completely blocked any mobile signals from coming in, then you could investigate the costs of installing an enhanced mobile coverage solution or Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) as its called in the industry.



I have spent years working with one of the big cellular operators in the UK. Was responsible for putting in signal boosters to improve coverage inside buildings, in tunnels etc. Even wrote the company installation instructions.

Recently I was asked to look at a friends small business that had coverage problems. He needed a signal booster as his coverage in the carpark outside was good. So wrote to his operator (where I use to work) and asked for permisison to install a signal booster. Was planning to use the same units that the operator uses, to the same standard etc.  Got a major shock when the operator’s legal dept wrote back to me and told me in no uncertian terms that my plans were illegal as I did not hold a telecoms license and they would not allow me to do it on their behalf. Their customer with the coverage problems could go and take a run and jump as far as they were concerned.

Ofcom publish guidelines confirming that the operation of private signal boosters in the UK is illeagl as is the installation of such kit. (aiding and abetting an illegal act).  Prison sentences and fines for doing this plus they will confiscate the kit.  See

Ended up tracking down a company called smartermobile ( who can provide legal coverage solutions for SMEs as they have a telecomms license. Their solution may not be economical to personal/private situations but perfect for SMEs and even SoHOs. Solution now installed and everyone happy.   If you have coverage issues look them up and look at their Smarternet product. Their Smartersurvey product is also worth a look as an unbiased independent coverage check.

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