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Indoor mobile coverage is a real problem affecting businesses throughout the UK….

Hospitals, Hotels and office blocks are large or small buildings with large numbers of people passing through them.

These people include staff, hotel guests or hospital patients or their visitors and more often than not mobile phone coverage is very poor in these public places. There are a number of factors as to why this is, it could be down to the physical size of the building or indeed how the building has been built, constructions methods, building materials, existing infrastructure, walls covered with sheets of insulated foil and double glazed windows.

All this leads to blocking the mobile signals coming into the building almost entirely.

Having no network coverage could result in businesses loosing tens of thousands of pounds. Hotels not seeing repeat visitors, companies not being able to take those all important sales calls and hospitals not being able to contact key consultants or members of staff in emergencies. With the ever increasing Smartphone devices and the use of mobile applications for core day to day business, the requirement to have strong mobile signals has never been as great as it is today.

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